Convertible Plus

From cot bed, to toddler bed, to full size double bed with sofa.

At Boori, we love to make your life as easy as possible. We believe that the furniture you buy should be as versatile as possible, there to help you at every stage of family life. That's why we've developed our most sophisticated conversion technology yet - the Convertible Plus.

With the addition of our Convertible Plus conversion kit, your Convertible Plus cot bed will transform into a double bed AND a sofa. This gives your family options, whether you use the double bed in the guest room or for your children, while keeping the sofa as a reading nook or moving it to a cosy corner elsewhere in your home. Your family life isn't 'one size fits all', and nor is our furniture.

Eton Convertible Plus


Provence Convertible Plus


Lucia Convertible Plus




From cot bed, to toddler bed, to sofa, to full size single bed.

Childhood is for learning, exploring and making memories together as a family as your baby grows. They change so quickly in their early years, and soon out-grow their cot and toddler bed. We know you don't want to spend this precious time buying new furniture for each developmental stage.

That's why we developed our Expandable technology. Once your little one outgrows the toddler bed, simply use the Expandable Conversion Kit to easily convert your Expandable cot bed into a full size single bed. And, in the familiar surroundings of their old cot, this transition will be easier for your child as well as for you.

Eton Expandable