Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some questions we are commonly asked at Boori. If your question is not here, please feel free to use our enquiry form in the support menu to get in touch with our Customer Services team.

Your little one’s safety is the most important consideration when choosing a cot bed, that’s why all our cot beds meet EN 716-1-2:2017 & BS 8509:2008+A1: 2011. They’ve been tested with specialist machines designed to ensure they’re fit to withstand the wobbles, jumps, knocks and bumps of family life.

All our cot & cot bed mattresses meet BS EN 16890:2017. They’re tested to ensure they offer maximum support and comfort for your baby.

You and your little one’s safety is the most important consideration when choosing a bed, that’s why our beds meet EN 1725:1998. Our bunk and loft beds meet EN 747-1 & 2:2012+A1:2015. They’ve been tested with specialist machines designed to ensure they’re fit to withstand the wobbles, jumps, knocks and bumps of family life.

We care passionately about our planet and your home, that’s why we use sustainable materials wherever possible and adopt processes that reduce our impact on the environment. Our timber is sourced from FSC-certified plantations and our paint finishes are nursery-friendly for complete peace of mind.

We use state-of-the-art laser measuring technology to optimise our wood and use as much of it as possible. As less timber is wasted, we use fewer trees to make our products.

Convertible Plus Cot Beds convert from cot bed to toddler bed to a full adult-sized double bed and cosy sofa. Our Convertible Plus Conversion Kit is available separately.

Expandable Cot Beds convert from a cot bed to toddler bed to a full adult-sized single bed. The Easy Store Expandable Conversion Kit is included and can be kept neatly under the cot bed until required.

Two. A higher base height for easy access to newborns and a lower base height for when baby is able to pull themselves up.

All Boori cot beds can transform into a toddler bed lasting you from birth to around 4-5 years. (Toddler Guard Panel can be purchased separately). Some cot beds have the option to rotate the fixed side panel to provide a low side when converted to a toddler bed.

Boori cots require a mattress size of 119cm x 65cm.

Boori Oasis Oval Cot requires a mattress size of 119cm x 64cm x 8cm.

Boori Luna Oval Cot requires a mattress size of 119cm x 64cm x 8cm. 

Boori cot beds are a unique size, please ensure you purchase the correct sized mattress. Current cot beds require a 132cm x 70cm cot bed mattress.

Boori Expandable Single Bed requires a mattress size of 90cm x 190cm.

Boori Convertible Plus Double Bed requires a mattress size of 190cm x 135cm.

Boori King Single Bed requires a mattress size of 202cm x 106cm.

Older model cot beds (including Boori Country Collection) may require a different size, please ensure that you check the mattress sticker on the bottom of their cot bed for suitability.

Discontinued Mattress sizes:

132cm x 77cm

131cm x 71cm

We can no longer supply a suitable size mattress for the Country Collection range but you can purchase these online through alternative retailers.

We have a selection of hardware including bolts, available here on our website.

Alternatively, if you require a full bolt pack and would like to place an order please call us on 01635 295670 and we can take your order and payment over the phone.

So we can identify your cot bed you might need to send a picture of the end panel to [email protected] and we will then be able to confirm the model you have.


If you’re missing a part of your Boori product, please contact us and we will try to source a replacement for you. Please note this isn’t always possible with older pieces of furniture.

Once you have received your Boori wardrobe you might notice that the doors have a gap between them, this is easily solved by adjusting the hinges.


Please see below details on how to adjust the hinges in your Boori Wardrobe.

Hinge adjustment image

Use screw 1 to adjust the doors from side to side. Turning the screw in a clockwise direction moves the door closer to the edge of the cabinet. You can adjust both the top and bottom hinge to move the doors closer together or further apart.

If you loosen screws 2 & 4 the hinge backplate can be moved up or downwards.

Please note, screw 3 attaches the hinge to the fixing plate. 

It might be that the insert on the base has moved round in transit and is out of alignment. You will see on the base there will be a silver insert/bolt and if you look in the hole where the screw will go it might be slightly turned. If you turn the silver insert/bolt to re-align it this should solve the problem.

Please see the images of the base insert/bolt, you will need to adjust it slightly to make sure the holes line up like the other picture. 

Bolt insert in cot bed side panelEnd of side panel for bolt insert

Some products on our website have a 3D/AR feature that allows you to further explore the product and preview it in your own home! When this feature is present on a product, you'll see a blue 3D icon alongside the product's image.

Click the blue 3D icon to see a 3D image of the product. You can move the product around for a 360 view and can zoom in using the zoom feature on the right hand side. 

If you are using a mobile or tablet, when viewing the product in 3D mode you will see an AR icon in the top right corner. When you tap this icon, your phone's camera will open (ensure permissions are correctly set) and after moving your camera around the space you will see the product appear in the camera view!

Teething is a natural stage of development that every baby goes through. During this phase, your baby will chew on many different objects to ease the irritation brought on by teething. Babies chewing on their fists, their toys and their furniture is normal, but it can be alarming to you as a parent! Check NHS Guide on how to helping your teething baby.

All of Boori Cots and Cot Beds meet strict UK & European safety standards and all of our paints are nontoxic so will not harm your little one if they decide to have a gnaw on their cot bed! If your teething baby is able to stand, the top of the side rail may line up perfectly with your child’s mouth. This makes the cot side rail the perfect option to soothe your baby’s inflamed gums. Cots and cot beds are of course not designed to be chewed on and there are products on the market to help with this.

Yes, please see details of our extensive warranty here. Products sold in our clearance section of the website are end of line and will be discontinued.  Please be aware that accessories for these products will be limited or may not be available. The warranty on clearance items is also reduced to 1 year.

If you have not ordered your Boori products directly from us you will need to go back through the retailer you purchased the goods from for any warranty issues.

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If you have a query about a delivery with ArrowXL please call them on 0333 212 1708. You can also track your order via the SMS Arrow have sent you or visit

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