• We are committed to making products that are friendly to the planet and your home environment. So committed, in fact, that we became the first brand to receive Greenguard Gold accreditation for our nursery products and have blended our own natural plant oils for use exclusively on our Boori Kids collections.

  • What is Greenguard?

    Greenguard Gold is a strict additional safety test to account for sensitive individuals like babies and small children. It helps health care professionals and parents like you know that a product limits emissions of over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemical emissions.

    Our products are tested on a quarterly and annual basis to ensure they reach Greenguard’s exacting standards - they are some of the strictest, third-party chemical emissions tests in the world.

    When buying a Greenguard certified product you know that it is limiting the indoor air pollution and risk of chemical exposure in your home, while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments to improve health and quality of life.

    To learn more about Greenguard and the importance of indoor air quality, visit the UL site.

  • Why do I need to worry about VOCs?

    Common air-borne VOCs include odourants, irritants and carcinogens which are given off by the products in our homes and by every day life. When these airborne chemicals enter the body via inhalation they immediately enter the bloodstream.

    For healthy adults this is rarely a problem, but for weaker people like babies and small children this indoor air pollution can cause potential health issues. Asthma and headaches can be caused by inhalation, as well as more serious respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

    Air pollution levels indoors are typically 2-5x higher than those outside. That’s why Boori creates nursery products that don’t give off any of these chemicals, meaning that the air in your nursery is cleaner and healthier, helping both you and baby sleep better at night.

  • Natural and sustainable materials

    We use premium grade timber for all of our furniture, which is hand selected to ensure we only use the best grains. All our wood comes from sustainable sources, and is from species that are not only hard and durable, but not under threat.

    In order to reduce wastage of our timbers we use state-of-the-art laser measuring technology to optimise the wood. As no part of the timber goes to waste, we use fewer trees to make our products.

    Our unique blend of natural plant oils

    The natural plant oils we use for our kids furniture are from the soybean plant, an oil used for paints and inks around the world. Chosen for their durability and colour, our natural plant oils show off the natural beauty of our woods and bring the joy of nature into your home. Plus, as a readily available natural resource, our natural plant oils are environmentally friendly as well as beautiful.