Nursery Buyer's Guides

  1. Why Solid Wood is Best

    Why Solid Wood is Best
    As you start to prepare for your precious new arrival, you’ll become increasingly aware of the variety of decisions ahead of you. Choosing your baby’s furniture should be a fun and rewarding task, but where do you start and how do you know what’s best for them? As well as design and style choices, you’ll find that there are many...
  2. Creating an Eco-friendly Nursery with Natural Baby Shower

    Creating an Eco-friendly Nursery with Natural Baby Shower
    Here at Boori we care about our environment, that's why every piece of our furniture is made with our planet and your home in mind. Our friends over at Natural Baby Shower have the same values, specialising in natural and high quality products at honest prices. Below, they've shared the reasons why they choose Boori when it comes to creating an...
  3. Understanding Your Cot Bed's Modes

    Understanding Your Cot Bed's Modes
    A common presumption is that all cots are the same, providing a space for your baby to sleep until they’re too big and you need to buy a larger bed. That’s not the case with Boori furniture, our premium quality and unique conversion technologies mean your cot bed grows with your child. Cot Mode If you’re looking for a safe...
  4. About Our Woods

    About Our Woods
    As Boori parents are very discerning, we're often asked about the wood used to make our products. When you're shopping for furniture, you'll often see the phrase 'made from solid wood' with no further explanation about the qualities of the timber or where it's come from - so we wanted to avoid any confusion and tell you all about our...

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