Get the Look - Scandinavian-Inspired Nursery

Traditional Scandinavian-inspired interiors use classic whites and natural woods to create an elegant, simple and visually relaxing environment. The design style provides a nice balance between form and function, creating a clutter-free space that remains inviting and cosy.

This style has been around since the 1950’s and while the majority of trends dip in and out of fashion, it’s remained popular among interior designs around the world. This makes it the ideal choice if you’re looking to design a room that will really stand the test of time.

Why a Scandinavian Nursery?

If you’re keeping the gender of your new arrival a surprise or want to create a timeless space, then a gender neutral nursery is the way to go. The classic whites and woods of Scandi design create a perfect neutral base that can be adapted as your little one grows.

A nursery should be an area where your little one feels comfortable and happy. A safe and snug environment is easy to achieve with the warm wood tones and natural elements that comprise a Scandi inspired room. The ‘less is more’ approach and focus on clever storage ideas will help to keep a calming environment, essential for daytime naps and bedtime.

How to get the Scandinavian-inspired Look

We’ve put together some simple design tips along with our top Scandi cot bed and matching furniture picks to help you achieve the Scandi interior of your dreams…

Choose Clean-lined Modern Furniture

The key characteristics of Scandi furniture are simplicity, contemporary design and clean lines. Our designers used these to create our beautiful and functional Natty collection, with rounded corners, playful angled feet and a stunning two-tone finish. These subtle design elements combined with the white-and-wood colour palettes make the Natty collection a great starting point for creating a stylish Scandi nursery. We’ve even put together some nursery furniture sets to make shopping for your nursery furniture simple and fuss-free.

Natty Furniture Collection

Incorporate Warm Wood Tones

Most Scandinavian countries have cold climates so warm woods are especially popular because they bring warmth and comfort, while making a room feel brighter. This means that natural woods have become a key feature of Scandi interior design. Opt for wooden floors, decorative accessories, toys or furniture; our beautiful Oasis wooden cot makes an ideal centrepiece for a Scandi nursery.

Oasis Oval Cot in Beech

If you’re opting for wooden floors, take a look at our Barley White and Almond two-tone nursery furniture. These pieces still feature warm wooden accents, but also use classic bright whites for a more subtle approach. The Turin collection has a clean and simple design, perfectly suited to the Scandi style, with a modern cot and matching furniture.

Turin Cot Bed in White and Almond

Pay Attention to Storage

Another key feature of Scandinavian design is the ‘less is more’ approach where organisation is key. Not only should the room be beautiful, it should also be functional, with plenty of storage to help keep the room free from clutter.

We have a range of stylish yet practical storage furniture to help you keep your nursery tidy, from dressers and chests to storage boxes, bookshelves and even under-cot drawers.

Neat 3 Drawer Chest and Neat 3 Tier Changer

Add Bursts of Colour and Natural Elements

While the majority of a Scandi style room should use neutral colour palettes, it’s common to see carefully placed colourful motifs and simple geometric prints to add bursts of colour. This helps to create the cosy and comfortable appeal of Scandi interiors, which is especially important when designing a nursery.

Another way to make the room feel more cosy is to include natural elements. The design movement is influenced by a connection to nature, so be sure to include some floral elements, foliage or fresh flowers.

Natural and colourful decoration for scandi inspired nursery

Head over to our Pinterest to discover more inspiration for a Scandinavian-inspired nursery.

Pinterest Boori Europe Scandi nursery pinboard

23 October 2020