The Benefits of a Round Cot

Round cots not only make a beautiful and unique focal point for the nursery, they also have many practical benefits that are worth considering when deciding what cot shape to opt for. We’ve put together our top 5 benefits of choosing a round or oval cot.

1. Space-Saving

Round cots are of course lacking corners, meaning they take up less space in your nursery. This makes them perfect for fitting into snug or unusually shaped spaces. Generally, traditionally shaped cots are placed in a corner or against a wall, whereas rounded cots can be placed almost anywhere and look great even in the centre of a nursery. Pay particular attention to cot dimensions when shopping about; our Oasis Oval Cot can fit through a standard door frame, so it’s easy to move in and out of small rooms, when fully assembled!

Oasis Oval Cot with Baby Standing

2. Lightweight & Easy to Move

Circular cots tend to be less chunky than alternative squared options. Dainty spindles or slim cot slats make them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre throughout your home. We recommend choosing a round cot with lockable castor wheels like our Oasis Oval Cot as they allow secure placement and safe movement between rooms.

Eden Oval Cot in Low and High Base Height positions

3. Ideal Bedside Sleepers

The unique circular shape of round cots offers optimum visibility when placed in the parents’ bedroom, this makes them excellent bedside sleepers during those early stages. Their easy mobility makes them extremely useful when it’s time to move from the parents’ bedroom to a dedicated nursery, helping you make the switch smoothly with no need to dismantle and re-assemble your cot.

Oasis Oval Cot as a bedside sleeper

4. Built to Last

Our Oasis Oval Cot can be converted to a toddler bed and cosy toddler sofa, lasting from birth to around 3 years. Crafted with sustainable timber, our cots and cot beds are built to stand the test of time, with clever conversion technologies that allow them to grow with your child.

Luna Oval Cot as cot and toddler sofa

5. Beautifully Unique

If you’re looking to create a stylish nursery with a unique cot for your little one then a round cot is a great choice. Offering an alternative to a traditional rectangular cot, your nursery will definitely stand out from the crowd and feel more personalised. A round cot offers a stunning focal point and will really enhance the aesthetic of a room, making it an ideal option no matter what interior style you choose.

Oasis Oval Cot with Halo Net Stand

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