How to Choose Storage for Your Space

When shopping for your little one’s nursery it’s essential to plan ahead. By tackling your nursery planning practically, you’ll be gifted with a space that works seamlessly for you: everything within easy reach, no unnecessary purchases and plenty of space for all-important cuddling, playing and sleeping.


Consider your Nursery Layout

By considering your nursery layout and listing your priorities, you can make smart storage furniture choices. Pay special attention to radiators and sloping ceilings, as these often go missed, causing surprise obstacles to overcome once you’ve brought your new furniture home!

If you plan for your baby’s nursery to double up as a space for early learning or if your nursery is on the small side, your priority should be floor space. In this case, you’ll want to look at furniture with a small footprint or wall-hanging storage options. Clever storage solutions such as a changing station with additional drawers will help you optimise your room, giving you space for a cosy feeding corner.


Choose Furniture With Longevity in Mind

No matter what size space you have, everyone should be choosing storage furniture that’s built to last. With fast fashion under the spotlight in the media, the way that we consume furniture and home accessories should be no different. Boori furniture is designed to be treasured for years to come, built with strong and durable sustainable wood, including Australian Araucaria wood.

If your space allows, we recommend choosing full-sized storage solutions over furniture specific to babies. Our Sleigh Wardrobe is designed to offer suitable storage for newborn babygrows to adult clothes and in a simplistic clean white finish it looks beautiful in any bedroom. The two hanging rails work perfectly for babies and younger tots, but by swapping for just one hanging rail, you’ll have plenty of space for adult clothing.


Look for Multipurpose Storage

Storage with dual purpose is a handy trick to have up your sleeve when designing your nursery! By investing in one piece with multiple storage options and features, you’re going to be saving that all-important floor space.

Our 3 Drawer Dresser is the perfect size for our Cloud Easyclean Change Pad, saving you the need for an additional changing station. With three fully extendable storage drawers, this piece of furniture will last well into adult-hood.


Our Toy Box isn’t designed for just one purpose either, although great for housing your little one’s various cuddly toys in the early years, as your baby grows into a child it provides a stylish place to store bedding for sleepovers and guests. It’s the perfect size for fitting into those unused nooks, like between a wall and chimney breast.


Wall Storage and Shelves

If you’re short on floor space, your walls are a valuable alternative for storage! Our Tidy Rectangular Modular Boxes can be stacked and fastened together to create a bespoke storage display to suit your nursery needs. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store books, further storage baskets or toys, this unique storage solution can even become mobile with a set of mini wheels (sold separately.)


Hopefully you’re sat there with pen and paper in hand mapping out your nursery space and contemplating your new storage furniture. If your nursery space is particularly small and you’re still wondering what storage will work best, take a look at our blog post ‘How to Design a Small Nursery’.